Handcrafted Mosaics



Our team at Elegant Mosaics is exceptionally proud to offer a huge and growing variety of handcrafted, American-made mosaics that are manufactured at our facility in Phoenix, AZ

These products are designed by some of the brightest creative minds in the world – ensuring innovative, cutting-edge, trend-setting styles, patterns, and color schemes

Every single sheet is given the personal attention, meticulous quality control, and state-of-the-art components that allow us to unleash the full potential of American manufacturing and provide a final product of unsurpassed quality


The Process

Upon receiving an order, one of our expert technicians will get the appropriate mosaic mold and the requisite mosaic components. Each chip is checked for color-consistency, sizing, and integrity (no chips or cracks) before being placed face-down into the mold

Once filled, the molds are ready for their mesh-backing. Using mesh sheets that are pre-cut to the shape of the mosaic being produced and using a specially engineered glue that doesn’t emulsify in water.

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The Components

Elegant Mosaics secures the highest quality glass, stone, and metal chips from all over the world for our custom blends

Stone is cut and tumbled on site to give us full control over the process

Every single chip, regardless of material type, undergoes multiple steps of quality control before being approved for inclusion in any of our handcrafted mosaics

The Expert Technicians

Our mosaics are not crafted by an assembly line – our team members take great pride in knowing that they have ownership of an order from start to finish. This not only guarantees consistency from sheet-to-sheet but that every chip and every step of an order receives the personal care and attention that goes along with this level of trust and accountability.

It requires a minimum of 4 months of hands-on training to be ready to craft our mosaics. Once up to speed, our technicians handle upwards of ONE MILLION (1,000,000!!!!) every single month – doing quality control on Every. Single. One. so that the resulting mosaic is absolutely exquisite and bulletproof

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